At the start of the project we estimated the cost of building a suitable boat would be £75,000.

When we looked for funding it was generously supplied from many different sources.

From small amounts raised locally through village events and pub evenings to larger sums provided by Rotary, livery companies and national funding agencies.

Funding Boat

We commissioned the building of the boat in February 2006 and she was officially launched in June 2007.

Funding Boat

Between those dates we received further donations helping us make sure that we could provide a safe, reliable and comfortable boat.

A particular mention for Ivan, Sally and Stephen of Medway Wharf Marina. Their support with discounted mooring fees, lifting the boat at the start and end of each season and work cleaning Kingfisher has been an invaluable help since the day we started.

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The prices we charge for our trips cover the annual cost of actually running the boat such as mooring fees, insurances, operating licences, fuel.

We have been able to keep our prices low, due to the generosity of many donors.

These have covered the extra expenses of replacements and repair.

It has also meant that we have been able to improve the facilities for our passengers such as more comfortable seating and better galley equipment.

The boat itself has benefited with improvements to its efficiency and safety.

The crew, all volunteers, take part in a rolling programme of first aid and safety training including that for the onboard defibrillator.

The hydraulic lift and other safety items are inspected and checked annually and the engine is serviced twice a year.

All this obviously costs money and although we have a contingency fund to cover unexpected expenses we still need to raise more to keep the boat in good shape.

Can you help?

If you can help with a donation please email our Treasurer Mike Subert at or phone him on 01622 890971

For more information please contact our Secretary Keith Sanham at or phone him on 01622 687917

Our thanks to the following for their contributions

Initial Fund-raising

Build and Maintenance

Current Contributions