The Kingfisher Medway Trust

Enjoy Kent's countryside and wildlife with a trip on the River Medway

Our Funding

The Kingfisher Trust – Funding

The Kingfisher Trust has now been operating for more than 15 years and in that time there has only been one nominal increase in the costs of the trips. The Trust receives support from a number of charities, but in keeping with its non-profit making commitment does not accept donations unless there is a clearly identified need for the money.

The prices we charge for our trips cover the annual costs of running the boat: such as mooring fees, insurances, operating licenses, and fuel, and we have been able to keep our prices low due to the generosity of many donors (see specific mentions below). These have covered the extra expenses of replacements and repair.

The crew, all volunteers, take part in a rolling programme of first aid and safety training, including that for the onboard defibrillator.

Our thanks to the following for their individual contributions over the years:
Sally and Stephen of Medway Wharf Marina for their support with discounted mooring fees, lifting Kingfisher at the start and end of each season and work cleaning Kingfisher has been an invaluable help since the day we started.