The Kingfisher Medway Trust

Enjoy Kent's countryside and wildlife with a trip on the River Medway

Terms & Conditions

Our responsibility to you as passengers is to provide your User Group with a boat trip which is operated safely. We will take all reasonable care, recognising that our Passengers may be physically and/or mentally disadvantaged. The prime responsibility of the Skipper and Crew Members is the safe operation of the boat and the safety and comfort of the Passengers whilst on the
boat. The Skipper will advise all Carers and Passengers assisting at locks; normally one Carer to accompany each Passenger.

The User Groups responsibilities – Provide an adequate number of Carers appropriate to the circumstances of the Passengers. The Carers will ensure that the behaviour of the Passengers does not endanger themselves or the boat.
Carers have prime responsibility for First Aid. When assisting at locks the Passengers are the responsibility of the Carers, they will be advised to wear life jackets and must follow instructions from Crew Members.

Children – Under the age of 10 are not normally allowed on the boat but a special arrangement may be possible.  Please discuss this with Jane Rogers when booking.

Dogs are not allowed unless they are Guide, Hearing or Medical dogs.

The Skipper has overall authority for the duration of the trip.